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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How To Start an Internet Marketing Business (offline) Workshop April 10,2010

This April 10,2010 in Cebu, you'll finally learn how to:
  1. Correctly start an internet business that matters to you and is not "just a money maker for the sake of making money".Strangely, starting an internet marketing - home based - business is not "ok, go and create many blogs", it's more than that. Find out in the workshop the answer.
  2. Go past the hype and tall promises of many online marketers and actually know how it all works - from a clear overview of someone who's actually done it and is Pinoy, too!
  3. Overcome your fear of starting something new - like blogging or selling online.

  4. Make procrastination your friend (yes, you read that right) by knowing the actual message it's telling you plus know how to act on that message-perhaps for the first time.

  5. Push/pull/compell yourself to action, action, action - since all your millions of great and wonderful ideas will only give you benefits if you act. You'll know and do the steps in the workshop  that will keep reminding you to act more than once.

  6. See clearly what your objective in your Internet Marketing business. It's earning "extra money, right?". I'm sorry, it's not, it's more than that and it's different for each person.

  7. Go past your excuses for non-action, specially after attending Jomar's 14 hour workshop.
  8. Experience a more pleasant and free life-even before you start earning anything online. Yes, it's possible with just a change in thinking, you'd be surprised.
  9. Free up your time for things that really matter to you.
  10. Find out how the "new rich" are living and how you can do it too, right now (yes, that's not a typo).

Cebu Goals Clarifying + Internet Marketing Overview (offline) Workshop is a totally new concept -designed for you who are starting off in the internet business or those who have already started but can't seem to progress.

-April 10,2010
-9am - 5pm
-Venue:Sarrosa Hotel
-Come in super casual clothes

-email NOW to get updates and reserve your seats.


Walk-in Rate:          Pay on April 10                                 - P3,977
Regular Rate:         Pay between March 24- April 9      - P3,777
Super Saver Rate: Pay between March 17 - March 23- P3,277
Early Bird Rate :     Pay on or before March 16              - P2,777 
Includes Lunch, Two snacks, Overflowing Coffee.

If you're not in Cebu but nearby:
1. Fly in, ship in. It's worth it, you'll see.
2. Send a family member who's nearby (if you're in another country). Send someone who's ready for a change in life, someone who's been slaving away for more than 10 years at a job - that's ready - and not yet a manager. Or send someone who's at the very top of management but has no time for anything but work any more.
3. You may pay for their ticket via this Paypal/Credit Card link.

What you can expect:
1.  A completely user friendly / even fun--> overview of Internet Marketing plus an exploration of big questions that you must be asking yourself -before starting an internet business or any business for that matter.  Completely no technical words will be used (and that includes "monetize") - unless it's been defined in a workshop(!).

2. Tony Robbins said "The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions."  You'll be stepping back in a "very nice" venue - swimming pool, laid back ambiance - just like a retreat of sorts and you'll be guided into getting back to what's really important in your life.  By now any New Year's resolution you might have made would have completely dissolved and it's time you get assistance in getting your "Life" on track. Here's your chance and excuse!

3. In this "offline" workshop --you will do activities that are important but do not involve the computer.  The kind of internet business you'll learn requires you to understand its inner workings to MAKE OTHER PEOPLE or a COMPUTER do the work for you so you can enjoy the life of the "NEW RICH".  

4. Yes, a thorough discussion on Virtual Assistants is central to this "lifestyle".  What's the use of "extra income" if you have no time to enjoy it or spend time for the people who matter to you? Now, there's a way - and in Cebu we'll tell you all about it.

5. We've stayed away from the usual corporate venues because this is far from your corporate or work seminar. You'll be asked to wear very comfortable clothes, preferably long shorts and clothes for a STROLL by the pool or beach.   As early as the workshop we can to give you a distinct picture of what it means to have the lifestyle of the new rich - getting income from the internet and living anywhere you want plus whole new set of challenges that entails.

6. This is not just "acting" but an important part of making the law of attraction work in your favor. We will also be doing workshop activities to better understand and APPLY this "law" that you may have heard in Bo Sanchez's book or "The Secret" book or movie.  

7. In the workshop, you'll be opened to a lot of possibilities you might not have heard of before. Things you once thought - impossible may now be possible.  Not just in internet marketing but in general life and business goals as well.  We're there to make it clear what your goals are.

8. This workshop is very much a journey into your future. Would you like to begin with the end in mind? Here's your chance to ACT it out!

9. You will learn how to follow up YOURSELF or create means to follow up yourself so you're always reminded of your goals and stay on track.

10. Now regarding "Internet Business", you'll finally be able to understand how it all works - from the point of view of Hollywood (!) - something we all "get" and you'll be given lots of concrete ideas on how to start. 

11. No generalizations will be given but actual websites to go to and what to do there- WHAT TO CLICK and WHAT TO ENTER in these websites are included in the TAKE HOME materials and the lecture portion. Some of these sites you already know but can now use for your own advantage to earn for you. 

12. You will know the inner workings of an internet business - how to price, what to sell, why sell, what to do with time or too much of it or too little of it, why sell that and to whom, how to find people who will buy -online.  It's all about simplicity and I've distilled the best and simplest ideas for you to immediately use.

13. You will know personal inner details like "How much do you earn monthly Jomar?" or "How many clients do you have, Jomar?" or "Will life really be easier with a Virtual Assistant, Jomar?" and I will candidly answer them without exaggeration or making it appear to be more than it really is. (no hype)

Complete details /hotel accomodations/transpo advice -specially regarding attire will be given once you have registered via payment of the workshop fee-which is steeply discounted for early birds - but before that -what else will you get?

PLUS You will be getting the answers to these burning "internet marketing" questions:

1.    What information products do you sell through the Internet? Describe that products and explain why you choose them.
2.    How long have you been in this information marketing business – and how much income more or less do you now make a year?
3.    What are the basic steps needed to start an online information marketing business? What are the things that you have to prepare or settle? How much capital do you need?
4.    How do you set your price? Apply this to your product and justify.
5.    From your experience, what is the most effective marketing system of selling information online?
6.    What are the marketing strategies and tactics you use?
7.    How do you build your subscribers’ list? And what promotional vehicles do you use?
8.    What communication strategies do you use in selling? Do pictures, font styles, and colors matter?
9.    How do you write your headlines?
10.  Do you give incentives? Why?
11.  What is the most important element of a webpage for you?
12.    What are the Advantages and disadvantages of information products?
13.    What were the obstacles you met, how did you overcome them, and what did you learn from them?
14.    What is the MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE or SECRET you would give to someone who wants to do information marketing through the web?
1. Success Books Power Guide (downloadable guide to what books to read and how to legally get the ideas of the books for free - a $ 57 value)
2. 1000 True Fans Special Report (find out what your goal is - marketing wise - a $27 value)
3. You take home the 300 page presentations in digital form (a $ 67 value)


Walk-in Rate:          Pay on April 10                                 - P3,977
Regular Rate:         Pay between March 24- April 9      - P3,777
Super Saver Rate: Pay between March 17 - March 23- P3,277
Early Bird Rate :     Pay on or before March 16              - P2,777 
Includes Lunch, Two snacks, Overflowing Coffee (if you want).

The venue: Sarrosa Hotel, Cebu

So make sure you avail of that Early Bird Rate of P 2777! before March 16, 2010. You better be there to give your mind a break, stretch it and transform it into the mind that brings you into ne heights on April 10,2010, 9am - 5pm at the VENUE.  Everyone in the Visayas and Mindanao area are encourage to go - this is the nearest I can reach out to you.

Contact Cellphone Number: (Tony) 0922-884-58-46 to get reservations or for answers to any questions.

or simply just deposit via these two bank accounts
BDO Butuan City Branch, Savings Account: 2000026229. Name: Jan Mckingley Hilado. or
BPI Savings bank account 3216-3898-62 name Jose Mario R Hilario. Corinthian Plaza Branch, Makati City.
P.S. Organizers of Manila and Cebu are different so make sure you're emailing the correct email. or
P.S. See you in CEBU!! This is going to be fun and totally eye-opening for you.


Stella said...

When can this Internet Marketing Workshop be held in Iloilo City? --- Stella

zel said...

Do you have any plans of holding this kind of Internet marketing Workshop in Dumaguete City? Please do, so that a anybody like me, who is unable to go to Cebu, could join you. Thanks.

jane said...

Do u have plans in conducting this internet workshop in cagayan de oro city?

UltraDust said...

The workshop for the south is definitely going to be Cebu city for 2009 so I suggest that those who want to attend FLY or RIDE to Cebu.

The only way Iloilo or Dumaguete or CDO etc can ever have an event is the SOMEONE (It really should be you) takes care of getting the venue, arrangements to make it happen. I supply guidance.

I propose you take after the 17 year old organizer of the CEBU WORKSHOP. Yes -he's the guy in the video and he organized this event for you.

But here's a tip: Those who travel farther, spent more on knowledge like this --these are the ones who EARN MORE, EARN FASTER and get more than their money's worth! You should ask Jan Hilado (the organizer), he flew from Cebu to Manila just to ATTEND LAST YEAR!

Jomar Hilario

Leila said...

Hi, I already registered for the workshop tomorrow. This is embarassing but - please send me the instructions again (things I need to do before the workshop). I saved everything in my laptop, which I accidentally left at our office today. (sheeesh :-\ )
Am halfway done (supposedly)....please help.

King4tech said...

Hello admin this workshop is free here in cebu?

rbc said...

can you hold the hands-on seminar here in Cainta?

UltraDust said...

For cainta residents, you may go to CUBAO, IT's near enough. :)

UltraDust said...

For other provinces in the south, please join us in the CEBU 1 DAY WORKSHOP

Click this

aldrin james said...

How I wish that I can join that workshop. I can see in all of the pictures that you share that everyone is really enjoying and learning things about internet marketing. I will be so happy if I will be given a chance to share things that I know about internet marketing.

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